2022 Summer Reading Programs for kids...


A-Z Challenge


1. When you complete a letter challenge, color in the box containing that letter.
(ex. - read a fairy tale book, color in the box containing the letter "F")

2. Return you challenge form to the library by July 30th. 

Complete 13 challenges you will receive a small prize. Complete ALL of 26 challenges and your name will be entered into the drawing for a Grand Prize. 

** All forms need to be returned by July 30th. Drawing will be held on August 3rd. **

READ for the BEAD


1. Register = Once you register, we will hang your necklace on our bulletin board for everyone to see.

2. Read = Color in 1 box on the tracker form for every 20 minutes you spend reading. You will receive a bead for each box you have colored in. 
**This includes books that you read, are read to you or that you read to someone else.**

3. Report = Bring your tracker form to the library once a week or so. We will add the beads you earned to your necklace. You can even exchange your beads for different kinds of beads!!

4. Return = Bring your tracker form back to the library by July 30th. We will make sure all of the beads you earned are on your necklace and you can take it home with you!!